TD-USB Controller
The TD-USB(TDU) is a low cost industrial controller with USB. It integrates ADCs, DACs, Solenoid drivers and screw terminals. Expansion supports CompactFlash, Ethernet, UARTs and more ADC and IOs.
UB Controller
The U-Box(UB) is designed as a low cost, USB powered data logger, and an industrial embedded controller. It integrates 16-bit ADCs, 24-bit ADCs, 16-bit DACs, CompactFlash and a High Speed USB port.
The B-Engine is ideal for OEM product of networked industrial control, power-line monitoring, high-speed data acquisition. and instrumentation. The 8 channel simultaneous sampling, high speed, Bipolar, +-10V, 16-bit ADC is designed to survive in a rough industrial environment. It has I/Os, 16-bit high speed DAC, CompactFlash, and 100M Ethernet
Ethernet-TFT - Color TFT
The Ethernet-TFT(ET) is designed as a low-cost, C/C++ programmable controller supporting Ethernet and a color 3.5ˇ± TFT display. The ET boots up within 1 second. It is intended for networking industrial process control, high-speed data acquisition, and panel-mounting or hand-held user interface for many OEM products.
RC: Flexible Analog I/O Board
Measuring 5.0x3.7 inches, the RC™ embedded controller offers a wide array of flexible analog data acquisition and control features to support industrial instrumentation. It is designed to directly measure up to 16 channels of analog inputs at +/-10V, and output analog outputs at +/-5V.
T-Box - Embedded Temperature Recorder
The T-Box (TB) is designed as a low-cost temperature data-logger. A single stand-alone module can acquire, process, and record temperature readings from 100 temperature IC sensors. The TB offers an optional interface to ZigBee networks, for wireless recording and acquisition. It is also available with a range of other industrial control features, an enclosure, and turn-key sample software.
H-Drive TM
The H-DriveTM(HD) is a high performance, low cost, C/C++ programmable embedded controller based on a 40 MHz 16-bit CPU. It is intended for networking industrial process control, data acquisition, and especially ideal for Human Interface Device(HID) OEM applications.
The CAN-EngineTM (CANE) is a high performance, low cost, C/C++ programmable embedded controller with CAN support. It is intended for networking, automotive, industrial process control, high-speed data acquisition, and especially ideal for OEM applications.
U-Drive (UD)
The U-Drive (UD) is a very low-cost industrial GUI controller, ideal for OEM applications requiring a user interface. The ultra-bright, wide viewing angle active TFT color display with touchscreen is attractive, and easy to program. Other peripherals on the board makes this board a powerful and comprehensive industrial user interface and control solution.
The A-Core86 (186, 40 MHz) is our smallest entry at only 2.3x2.2 inches. Consuming less than 1W of power, the AC86 is designed to be the core processing component for your next embedded design. Features like low cost, compact size, surface-mount flash, high performance, and reliability make the AC86 ideal for industrial process control and high-speed data acquisition. Priced at $49 (qty 100), the Acore-86 is ideal for integration into an OEM product as a processor core component.
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