TERN designs and manufacturers a wide range of powerful, C/C++ programmed embedded controllers. Specifically designed for OEM use, TERN's single-board solutions include commonly used embedded features ideal for industrial automation applications. Combined with our software firmware support libraries, TERN boards are designed to help make your next embedded design process better, quicker, and easier.
Over the past years, TERN has also undertaken several custom board design projects. As a result of many of these and other technical innovations, we have added numerous controllers to our product line.

The Ethernet-TFT(ET) is designed as a low-cost, C/C++ programmable controller supporting Ethernet and a color 3.5ˇ± TFT display. The ET boots up within 1 second. It is intended for networking industrial process control, high-speed data acquisition, and penal-mounting or hand-held user interface for many OEM products.
Designing a "green" application that's environment sensitive? Take a look at TERN's new embedded controller.
The T-Box (TB) is designed as a low-cost, room temperature controller/data-logger. A single stand-alone module can acquire, process, and record temperature readings from 100 temperature IC sensors. The TB offers an optional interface to ZigBee networks, for wireless recording and acquisition. It is also available with a range of other industrial control features, an enclosure, and turn-key firmware.

Since 2008, TERN has launched several new technologies that expand upon our embedded family. Our focus is on providing support for more peripherals useful to embedded applications. The new CAN-Engine, for example, adds high-speed, high-reliability support for Controller Area Networks (CAN-Bus) to the C/C++ programmable core. The board also features high-speed Ethernet/TCP support, CompactFlash data logging, and other industrial I/O.

When Oceaneering International Inc., a current world leader in deepwater technology, had an idea for a new Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), they came to the engineers at TERN, Inc. to help make their design a reality. There are currently 3 Hydra Millennium Plus ROVs (pictured at right) equipped with TERN’s MD88 at work in the Gulf of Mexico. They are undertaking jobs that include opening valves, dredging, pumping, surveying, performing pipeline inspections, and monitoring the gas and oil drilling process—all completed underwater.

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