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Great product and support...


The SensorCore is connected directly to multiple 20-foot type K thermocouples, attached to a running 1000 KW induction furnace.  Data is being logged on a regular basis and stored to CompactFlash.  A serial interface is used to control, configure, and retrieve data from the board as necessary.

So far it has recorded an air casting just fine and most of a vacuum casting…. The Sensor core does not seem to be sensitive to the EMF fields the induction furnace throws off so that is very good.

The SCs are operating very nicely in all the heat, smoke and rough handling. As you can see from the pictures it does not take long to turn things brown or black with furnace soot.  One department already tried to melt one of the new units. They left it sitting on two red hot bars and the paint burnt off the bottom of the box and got the metal so hot it warped. Once the box cooled back down the SC and all the rest of the parts were working just fine. It looks like we have a winner. Even my skeptical MIS specialist says so.

Thank you again for a great product and support.

Dean Salvadore, Foundry Process Control Engineer
LPCS PCC Structurals Inc.

Money well-spent ...


'Fun' is not an adjective I use much on embedded systems, but damn, this card is fun! I received the SmartLCD the day after I'd ordered it, and after three hours out of the box, had gotten an application up and running. Both the card and the software development kit are covered very well in the documentation. Between the touch-screen LCD and the I/O pins, [this controller is] incredibly extensible. In short, this card is sweet... it's an absolute pleasure to work on; my hat's off to you!
I'm really glad I found your website; there were a couple of other cards I'd been looking at, but decided to go with the SmartLCD. It was money well-spent, and although now I'm doing embedding development pretty much ALL my waking hours, at least the time spent on your card's a blast!

Michael D. Garrison

Responsive engineering staff...


We were controlling a system using two PC/104 boards; one processor board and an I/O board. We needed additional features, a smaller package, and less power. TERN was able to quickly custom design a board, AE86D, for us which added eight high speed DACs and eight high speed ADCs, reduced the overall size to 3.6"x3.2", reduced the power to 25%, and reduced cost. TERN's low cost development kit allowed us to reduce the risk associated with a custom design and close interaction with their responsive engineering staff allowed for a successful development effort.

Dave Van Alstine, Principal Member Technical Staff
Electro-Radiation Inc.

Really cool toy...


This is a really cool toy. Can’t wait to show my boss the kind of stuff we can do.

Andrew Anselmo
Evergreen Solar

Challenging and fun...


We purchased 12 EV-P-TD40 kits from TERN to be used in a training class that a TERN engineer flew out to teach. Hands down it was the best (informative, challenging, and fun) class we had all year.

Joseph Simpkins, Hardware Technology Manager
Mars Electronics, Inc.

Never seen that level of commitment...


On behalf of EZ-EM, I wanted to express our complete satisfaction with your repair and turn-around of our defective TD40 board. I have never seen that level of commitment in a company.

Needless to say, it worked perfectly as we reinstalled it. Thank you.

Alan Cross-Hansen, Project Engineer
E-Z-EM Inc.

Having a great time...


Professor Jim Peckol and Greg Zick developed a course using 15 TD40-based stations. I am teaching it for the first time this quarter and having a great time. We offer the course 3 times per year and have about 40-45 students per quarter. They work in groups of 3, so each group has 24 hours per day, 7 days per week access to a system for developing their labs. The students believe that the course fills a gap...we have to turn some away every quarter.

Blake Hannaford, Dept. of Electrical Engineering
University of Washington, Seattle, WA.

Great teaching package...


I teach a 3-day seminar on embedded and real-time programming with hands-on lab work based on the TD40. Tern was very helpful in implementing simple modifications to the TD40 to meet my requirements. The Paradigm Lite IDE is very simple to set up and intuitive to use allowing students to concentrate on the lab work rather than learning the tools. The combination of the TD40 and Paradigm Lite makes a great teaching package.

Doug Abbott, Consultant, Intellimetrix and Instructor
UC Berkeley Extension Course "Real-Time Programming for Embedded Systems"

Very pleased with the quality...


In November 2001, PBX Systems was awarded a GPS integration project. Despite a tight delivery schedule, we decided to move away from our standard 8-bit platform and committed to the TERN 386Engine and Paradigm software. Using the documentation and examples furnished by TERN, the development cycle was fast. It has taken only two calls to Tech Support to get the project completed in less than 60 days. We have been very pleased with the quality of the TERN hardware, software, delivery (less than a week) and technical support. With our first TERN-based project delivered, we are already working on development of another TERN-based product.

Phil Roberts, Owner
PBX Systems, LLC

We have been very happy...


Our products are used by physical and occupational therapists to rehabilitate patients after injury or surgery. We use the A Core in our Primus product, the most sophisticated product in our line. The AC performs a variety of functions including acting as a serial link with a personal computer, acts as a serial link with a PIC controller, acts as a link to a servo motor controller, and performs safety monitoring functions. We have been very happy with the AC controller. The compact size, versatility, and low cost are especially nice features of the controller. We plan to continue using the AC controller in the future.

Joe Perret, Vice President
Baltimore Therapeutic Equipment

High precision and repeatability...


TERN’s MC2140 boards with AE86 are used for controlling human flying rigs for stage shows at Tokyo Disney Sea in Tokyo, Japan. The TERN technology is ideally suited for controlling these flying rigs as they perform complex ballet-like motions allowing the performers to look as though they really are flying, swooping, soaring, and landing again. TERN’s products provide the high precision and repeatability this application requires.

Paul Grunau
Anilab Productions, Inc.

Easy to design...


In only two days I was able to complete my project using the SmartLCD. The software examples and libraries made it easy to design a touch screen application.

Victor Fritz,  Senior Engineer
SSR Engineering, Inc.

Excellent tech support ...


We took advantage of the FN's multiple serial ports and CompactFlash file system to record pipe fusion data and to print barcode labels.

Tern's excellent tech support and development tools enabled us to develop a solution in 5 days from receiving the tools and the FN board to completing the project.

Kean Chin, Software Engineer, Insight Engineering Division
McElroy Manufacturing, Inc., Tulsa, OK

Very pleasantly surprised...


We are using an A-Engine86 as the microcontroller to perform gyro integration and sensor filtering and fusion for a low cost inertial navigation system for our RSX-2 sounding rocket. I was very pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to port the C code from the Linux environment where it was prototyped, to the Tern board. The debugging environment is both intuitive and robust, and the Tern board fast enough to permit us to integrate the records at 500 hz. We are buying more of these Tern boards.

Eric Gullichsen
Interorbital Systems, Sausalito, CA

No hardware problems whatsoever...


Matrix-5 has developed two complex ‘smart’ products using TERN controllers. The first was a high-speed data-acquisition system. The AE-40 acquired samples, then uploaded them to a host processor under command of that host. The second was for remote outdoor ski areas. This application also took advantage of the AE-40’s ruggedness and wide-temperature operating characteristics since these outdoor displays could experience very cold and hot temperatures. Over 20 of these AE-40-based displays have been operating at mountainous sites for 1-2 years and no hardware problems whatsoever have been experienced.

Denis Bourdeau,  Director of Engineering
Matrix-5 Technologies

The boards are a great value...


We’ve used TERN Inc.’s controller boards in a number of projects, and we’ve always been pleased with the results. The boards are a great value: they’re well-designed, flexible, and compact. The development software is easy to use. And TERN’s customer service, on the rare occasions that we needed it, was always ready to help. We’re confident that we’ll specify TERN Inc.’s boards for future projects.

Tim Feldman, Technical Director
Electric Algorithms, Inc.

Your board is C-L-E-A-N...


I have been key in spending more than $250,000 in custom embedded systems that would have worked on the Zworld BL2000 series boards and $50,000 on AE-86P with option 4 and 6! ... I want to use TERN boards! I LOVE the fast A2D and D2A’s and the FIFO on the serial port. Why do I want to work with TERN and not ZWorld? Simple. I have seen the ZWorld hardware and I have seen your hard-ware! I need the speed the 16 bit wide bus offers on A2D and D2A functions! Your board is C-L-E-A-N and is VERY WELL thought out! Components on ONE side only! Personally, I would emblazon the TERN name, phone and web on the back of EVERY board.

Dave Korpi
Micro Measurements, Inc.
Salinas, CA

Friendly, helpful and available...


The ease with which the SmartLCD goes from the box to productive software development is like lightning. Extensive well written and useful software libraries are provided. Hardware, software, and sales support has been friendly, helpful, and available.

Carl Scrheiber, Contraves, OEM Division
E. Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Taken months off the development cycle...


Using TERN products has taken months off the development cycle for all our new products. Code development with Tern libraries, plenty of sample code and familiar tools like Borland C.

Their product support is outstanding, when you call tech support you don't get a machine, instead you get the guy who designed the boards and wrote the libraries, and that's service!

Chris Prozzo, Design Engineer
Janos Technology Inc.

Variety of features in a small package...


We selected the A104S for a family of autonomous and semi-autonomous robots because it economically packs a wide variety of features in a small package. With TERN's baseline of drivers, excellent support and our own drivers we were able to quickly and effectively build numerous versions of our robots. Our wide range of missions from ocean floor surveys to clearing minefields demands a rapid and flexible development environment and a board to support variety of I/O including the control of six motors, telemetry streams, compasses, GPS, and obstacle avoidance gear. The A104S has been able to fill all of our needs in a single board.

Bill Larkins, President
Reciprocal Designs, Inc. Manchester, NH, USA

Rapid development cycle...


Since 1994, we have being using MotionC boards to control the Robot End-Effector designed for the Space Station Operation Training facilities. The MotionC is very reliable and easy to develop. Now, we are building a new version of OTCME(On orbit replaceable unit/Tool Changeout Mechanism Emulator). We still selected MotionC as its controller, with the new 386 CPU. The rapid development cycle, the low cost/control axis, the small board size and development kit; all these factors make MotionC an very attractive candidate for low or medium production volume Motion Control applications.

James Hwang, Ph.D.
Roboteq Consulting Co.
Consultant for NASA/JSC and Lockheed Martin Corp.

Complete capabilities...


We developed a complete new hand-held inspection device for detecting cracks and defects in the skin of airplanes. Those cracks are not visible to the naked eye.

We selected TERN’s A-Engine with ADC, DAC, and real-time clock, because other products on the market drew more current and lacked the complete capabilities provided by TERN controllers.

John Domalewski
Boeing Aircraft & Missile Systems, MO, USA

Easy to learn and use...


We have been developing SCADA systems based on TERN’s controllers since 1994, using the SensorWatch , TinyDrive, and the TD40 for standalone and networked controllers. We find them very reliable in the harsh environments found in oil and natural gas fields where these systems are installed. The software development tools and libraries are easy to learn and use, allowing us to complete projects in minimal time.

Leslie B. Joslyn
Joslyn Enterprises, LLC, Estes Park, CO, USA

Easy to program...


To monitor and study visibility impairment in national parks and wilderness areas, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has implemented new programs. We designed an air sampling system, using TERN’s A-Engine-P (AE-P), to provide data to aid in studies for assessing and reducing health risks related to air pollution. The AE-P is easy to program in C/C++. It has ADC, real-time clock, I/O pins, networking and expandability for future additions and changes to system.

Pete Beveridge
Crocker Nuclear Lab University of California, Davis, USA

Everything works great...


I'm using one A-Engine as a 'master' and TD40s action as 'slaves'. I've integrated your slave.c code with my own application, and everything works great, the communication is wonderful, and it was fairly easy to modify the protocol to suit my needs.
Our customers were thrilled with the networking! Guards who used to have to walk through a large stadium-sized facility four times a night, measuring temperatures, can now take a quick glance at one computer screen and see what's happening in 11 cooling zones.

Charles Guerin
I & A Research, Inc., Montreal, Canada

Very Reliable...


We are using TERN's A-Engine in a tracking system project. It has a great software development environment and very reliable hardware, and it is very easy to program.
Also, the custom software TERN designed for us allowed us to get the project done on time.

David Meyer
GE Harris Railway Electronics, Melbourne, Florida

A joy to use...


The TinyDrive is well documented. All pinouts, samples, library, hardware hookups. It is a joy to use TERN controllers, simple and powerful. STEP1 and STEP2 are soooo easy. It is very tempting to completely setup everything running this way.

Gary Deen
IBM, RTP, North Carolina

World-class Product...


When we needed to locate a high quality, high speed miniature embedded controller board for our new portable pollution monitor, TERN's AE-P board was the perfect choice.

Easy to program, low power and high quality, the board allowed us to bring our product to market within weeks - versus months if we had to design a comparable board. The AE-P has everything we need to help us produce a world-class product.

Richard M. Cooke
Red Mountain Engineering, Irvine, California

I'm Impressed...


Thanks for the controller you’ve sent to me. I am impressed again. I installed my A104 controller in early November, and I’ve really had a lot of fun working with your software and hardware.

Alexander Chebotarev
CIS, Ukraine

Highly Recommended...


I am a design consultant working on an exercise control system for NASA's International Space Station (ISS)... After considering several vendor's products, we have decided that TERN's products appear to best suit our needs. I am also working with another engineer who has used TERN products in the past and he highly recommends both your products and technical support...

The software support for the controllers is the main reason we want to use your products. Your extensive library of driver functions will save us many hours of work and debug time.

Matt Pobursky
Maximum Performance Systems