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Sorting Solutions Overview
Our focus has been and is the supply of sorting solutions to the grower, packer or processor for fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, peanuts, apricots, olives, oranges, potatoes, carrots, red beets, green beans, onions, garlic, etc. to meet the basic sorting criteria.  Oldenberg’s expertise lies in:

  • high capacity equipment design
  • high reliability under harsh operating conditions
  • robust, low maintenance equipment requiring little by way of specialized training

Odenberg’s customers choose our sorting products for:

  • rapid return on investment potential
  • significant labor reduction or elimination capability
  • providing consistent product quality in all conditions
  • optimization of all other equipment involved in the ‘process’

Odenberg has a proven record in the design, manufacture and support of machines. Odenberg has over 800 machines operating worldwide on many different applications.

An extensive range of machines and capacities ensure Odenberg is well placed to satisfy most customers needs large and small and flexible support packages can be tailored to suit individual needs.


Grower Solutions

Odenberg’s harvester mounted sorters are in use throughout the world by growers harvesting processing tomatoes, onions and garlic. Our sorters are mounted on many harvester types and makes such as CTM, FMC, Johnson Farm Machinery, Pik Rite, Gallignani, Barigelli, CRF, etc and are used to reject off color, rot and foreign material such as dirt, stones, corn cobs, etc.

Odenberg harvester mounted sorters are operating in the U.S.A., Canada, Australia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Mexico and Turkey.

Odenberg produce sorting solutions for harvesters of all sizes and capacities. With electronic sorters sized by application and market we can offer individual units with 5-1000 tons/hour+ capability. Individual electronic sorters typically do the work of 4-10 human sorters on harvesting applications.

These sorters are designed to mount on harvesters that operate in the harsh environment of dirt, dust, vibration, heat, cold, wet, etc while maintaining the quality of the harvested commodity in order to meet the demands of the processor at the factory gate.

The current Odenberg harvester mounted sorters are microprocessor controlled and are flexible in dealing with the extreme conditions experienced in the harvesting environment. The designs of the sorters are such that custom width of sorters is available to suit various requirements.


Processor Sorting Solutions:

Odenberg Alpha Sorter processing potatoes

Odenberg’s optical sorting solutions for fruit and vegetable processors around the world, are designed for high volume gross defect removal of whole or partial vegetables and fruits, size sorting and foreign material removal.  The commodities presently sorted by Odenberg systems include:

  •  Tomatoes
  •  Peaches
  •  Apricots
  •  Olives
  •  Potatoes
  •  Green Beans
  •  Wax Beans
  •  Beets
  •  Carrots
  •  Others

Odenberg’s extensive experience in the use of multiple wavelengths of visible and infra red illumination to optimize sorting in many applications in association with true real time image analysis techniques provide an excellent combination in a cost effective package.



Peel Scanning

The Odenberg Peel Scanner monitors and controls potato peeling line quality and yield
The Peel Scanner control panel continuously graphs the relationship between the current steam time of the process and the peel trend

One of the most important aspects of the peeling process is to maintain a consistent peel quality while constantly optimizing yield. The Odenberg Peel Scanner was developed to achieve these aims.

The Peel Scanner will automatically monitor, adjust and maintain precise peel quality standards decided upon by production and QC personnel.
The Odenberg Peel Scanner will monitor peeled product quality and automatically adjust peeling equipment parameters to compensate for fluctuations in raw product coming into the plant. Depending on circumstances, annual savings of up to 2% on raw product through-puts are possible.

Peel Scanner operation

The Odenberg Peel Scanner control panel continously displays on its color monitor in graph form ‘Product Steam Time’ in seconds and the ‘Peel Removal’ percentage and compares this with the Q.C. selected parameters.

Other features:

  • User defined width and length analysis.
  • Relative percentage breakdown of product characteristics.
  • Real time and historical information analysis.