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The A-Core86 (186, 40 MHz) is our smallest entry at only 2.3×2.2 inches. Consuming less than 1W of power, the AC86 is designed to be the core processing component for your next embedded design.

Features like low cost, compact size, surface-mount flash, high performance, and reliability make the AC86 ideal for industrial process control and high-speed data acquisition. Priced at $49 (qty 100), the Acore-86 is ideal for integration into an OEM product as a processor core component.

Measuring 2.3 x 2.2 x 0.3 inches, the A-Core86(AC86) is a C/C++ programmable microprocessor core module based on a 40 MHz, 16-bit CPU (186, AMD). Features such as its low cost, compact size, surface-mount flash, high performance, and reliability make the AC86 ideal for industrial process control and high-speed data acquisition.

The A-Core-86 can be integrated into an OEM product as a processor core component. It also can be used to build a smart sensor with an impressive sampling rate, or as a node in a distributed microprocessor system. By building your product around the A-Core, you reduce the time from design to market introduction, cut development costs, minimize technical risks, and deliver a more reliable product.

In addition to offering a 16-bit external data bus, the AC86 supports on-board 256K 16-bit Flash and up to 256K 16-bit battery-backed SRAM. All chips are surface-mounted, without any sockets. The on-board Flash can be easily programmed in the field via serial link. Users can download a kernel into the Flash for remote debugging. With the EV/DV/ACTF Flash Kit support, user application codes can be easily field-programmed into and run out of the Flash.

A real-time clock (RTC72423) provides information on the year, month, date, hour, minute, second, and 1/64 second. Two DMA-driven serial ports support communication up to 115,200 baud. A 5V regulator and RS-232 drivers may be installed on-board.

An optional high-speed, 100K samples per second, 16-bit ADC (LTC1605) can be installed. This ADC includes sample-and-hold, precision reference, switched capacitor successive approximation A/D, internal reference, and clock. The ADC input range is an industry standard 10V, with true 16-bit resolution.
The AC86 provides three 16-bit programmable timers/counters and a watchdog timer. Two timers can be used to count external events, up to 10 MHz, or to generate PWM outputs. Pulse Width Demodulation (PWD) can be used to measure the width of a signal in both its high and low phases.

The 186 CPU offers 32 user-programmable, multifunctional I/O pins. Depending on the application, 20 or more I/O lines may be free for the user. A supervisor chip (691) provides power failure detection and a watchdog timer.

Two optional 12-bit DAC (LT1446) provide 0 to 4.095 volts analog voltage outputs capable of sinking or sourcing 5 mA.

The A-Core-86 expects a regulated 5V voltage supply, and does not provide RS232 drivers by default. The VE232 or the on-board 5V regulator/RS-232 driver option can be used to provide this.

The A-Core-86 is similar to the A-Core, with main differences in the AC-86’s support for 16-bit SRAM and on-board Flash, where-as the A-Core provides only 8-bit access and a socketed ROM. The standard A-Core trades off performance for a lower unit-price.
If your application utilizes high-voltage I/O, the MiniDrive88 is a controller similar to the A-Core, adding 35 solenoid drivers (supporting 0-30V I/O signals) as well as screw terminals.

  • Measures 2.3×2.2×0.3 inches
  • 16-bit CPU (186), x86 compatible
  • 40 MHz system clock
  • Power consumption: 190 mA at 5V
  • Power saving mode: 30 mA at 5V
  • On-board 256K 16-bit Flash
  • On-board 256K 16-bit SRAM
  • 100 KHz 16-bit ADC, +- 10V analog input
  • 16-bit external data bus expansion port
  • 2 serial ports, 2 PWM outputs
  • counters, interrupts
  • 2 ch. 12-bit DAC
  • RS-232 drivers, 5V regulators



  • Includes 18S 40 MHz with 64 KW (128 KB) SRAM
  • 32 I/Os
  • 2 UARTs
  • 3 timers
  • watchdog timer
  • 512 byte EE
  • 256K 16-bit ACTF Flash
  • Does not include add-on options
  • OEM option discounts available.


Quantity Price
1 $69
50 $54
100 $49
1,000+ $34


Add-on Options:

No.Options Price
116-bit SRAM: 256KW $20
2Real-time clock (RTC) and battery $20
3100 Khz 16-bit ADC (LTC1605) $60
42 ch. 12-bit DAC (LT1446) $20
5RS232 drivers and 5V regulator $10

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