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The CAN-Engine™ (CANE) is a high performance, low cost, C/C++ programmable embedded controller with CAN support.

It is intended for networking, automotive, industrial process control, high-speed data acquisition, and especially ideal for OEM applications.

A Controller Area Network (CAN) controller (SJA1000, 20 MHz clock) can be installed along with on-board CAN transceiver. Supported baud rates range from 300 bps to 1 Mbps, and interrupt-driven buffering software allows reliable, efficient delivery and receipt of packets over the CAN network. CAN control egisters on the SJA1000 are accessible in software.

A Fast Ethernet Module can also be installed to provide 100M BaseT network connectivity. This Ethernet module has a hardware LSI TCP/IP stack. It implements TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP and ARP in hardware, supporting internet protocol DLC and MAC. The hardware Ethernet module releases internet connectivity and protocol processing from the host processor, which represents a huge improvement over software-based TCP/IP stacks. The resulting system can easily handle transmissions in the 100KB/s+ range in real world applications. It supports 4 independent stack connections simultaneously at a 4Mbps protocol processing speed. Software libraries and demo project are available for Ethernet connectivity.

A 16-bit parallel ADC (AD7655, 0-5V) supports ultra high-speed (1 MHz conversion rate) analog signal acquisition. The AD7655 contains two low noise, high bandwidth track-and-hold amplifiers that allow simultaneous sampling on two channels. Each track-and hold amplifier has a multiplexer in front to provide a total of 4 channels analog inputs. The 16-bit parallel ADC requires only two CPU I/O operations (one start, one read) to complete a 16-bit ADC reading. With on-board precision 2.5V reference, the ADC accepts 0-5V analog inputs at 16-bit resolution of 0-65,535.  Two 12-bit DACs provide 0-4.095V analog voltage outputs capable of sinking or source upto 5mA.

The CANE supports up to 2 GB mass storage CompactFlash cards with Windows compatible FAT filesystem support, allowing user easily transfer large amounts of data to or from a PC.

The CANE features fast execution times through 16-bit ACTF Flash (256 KW) and battery-backed SRAM (256 KW). It also includes 3 timers, PWMs, 20+ PIOs, 512-byte serial EEPROM, two RS232 ports, 3 timer/counters, and a watchdog timer. The three 16-bit timers can be used to count or time external events, up to 10 MHz, or to generate non-repetitive or variable-duty-cycle waveforms as PWM outputs. The PIO pins are multifunctional and user programmable. A real time clock (DS1337, Dallas) is available.

The CANE can be powered by regulated 5V DC or unregulated 9-12V DC with installing a 5V regulator. The CANE works with TERN expansion boards including the P52, P100 and MotionC.

  • 3.6 x 2.3 x 1″, 150 mA at 5V
  • 16-bit x186 CPU, program in C/C++
  • Controller Area Network (CAN2.0B) port
  • 256 KW 16-bit Flash, 256 KW 16-bit SRAM, 512 bytes EE
  • 20+ TTL I/Os, Real-time clock, 2 serial ports, PWM, counters
  • 4 ch 16-bit parallel high speed ADC (AD7655)
  • 2 ch 12-bit serial DAC (LT1446)
  • Hardware TCP/IP stack for 100M Base-T Ethernet
  • CompactFlash card with FAT file system support


  • 40 MHz CPU,
  • 64KW SRAM,
  • PIOs,
  • 2 RS232,
  • 3 timers,
  • watchdog timer,
  • 512 bytes EE,
  • 256KW flash
  • NOT including add-on options.
  • OEM option discounts available.



Quantity Price
1 $99
50 $84
100 $69
1,000+ $39


Add-on Options:

No.Options Price
1SRAM 256KW $20
2Real-time clock (RTC) and battery $20
3CompactFlash interface $20
4100 BaseT hardware TCP/IP Ethernet $30
5CAN controller with transceiver $40
64 ch. 16-bit ADC  1MHz (AD7655) $40
72 ch. 12-bit DAC (LT1446) $20

Typical Order Example:
CAN-Engine, CAN port
CANE +5 = $99+$40 = $139