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The RL is a controller designed for modern industrial machine control applications.

This industrial embedded controller integrates 20 isolated opto-coupler inputs, 35 solenoid drivers, 100 Base- T Ethernet connection, 5 RS232/485/422 serial ports, and CompactFlash mass data storage support on a single PCB. It is ideal for industrial process control, high speed LAN, or remote communication machine control applications.

The RL utilizes a high performance C/C++ programmable 186-generation CPU (80MHz R1100 or 40 MHz AM186ER) with a 16-bit external data bus, supporting fast code execution. It has 256KW 16-bit Flash and 256KW 16-bit battery-backed SRAM. Three CPU internal timer/counters can be used to count or time external events, or to generate non-repetitive or variable duty-cycle waveforms as PWM outputs. A real-time clock (DS1337, Dallas) provides clock/calendar with two time-of-day alarms.
A 50-pin CompactFlash interface allows access to mass storage CompactFlash cards (up to 2 GB). TERN C/C++ programmable software packages with FAT16 file system libraries are available, allowing easy transfer of files to/from any PC with a CF card drive.

High-performance Communications

An i2Chip Fast Ethernet Module can be installed to provide 10/100 Base-T network connectivity, allowing the RL to work with high bandwidth modern Ethernet networks. The i2chip module implements TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP and ARP with a combination of hardware/software.

It has 16KB internal transmit and receiving buffer which is mapped into host processor direct memory. The host can access the buffer via high speed DMA transfers. The hardware Ethernet module releases internet connectivity and protocol processing from the host processor. It supports 4 independent IP connections simultaneously with a peak 4Mbps protocol processing speed. An RJ45 8-pin connector is on-board for connecting to 10/100 Base-T Ethernet network.

Five RS232 serial ports are onboard. The CPU internal UART is used for remote debugging, but is also available for user application.
Two Dual UARTs (SC26C92) provide 4 more UARTs. All UARTs have deep FIFOs to minimize receiver overrun and to reduce interrupt overhead. One RS232 port can be converted to RS485, or RS422.

Protected I/O for Industrial Use

Five power Darlington array chips (ULN2003A) are installed in five DIP sockets, providing a total of 35 high voltage sinking drivers. Each driver is capable of sinking 350 mA at 50V per line.

They can directly drive solenoids, relays, or lights. In place of the ULN2003As, resistor packs or DAC chips (with modification) can be optionally installed to provide TTL I/O or up to 10 analog outputs.

A total of 20 opto-couplers are on-board to provide isolation for high voltage inputs. Furthermore, some control applications need to trigger an event under combined conditions of several sensors/switches. As a result, seven of the 20 opto-couplers are routed to an on-board PAL, allowing flexible hardware-configurable input logic to trigger interrupts. An additional 20 TTL I/O lines are available on the J2 pin header, including bi-directional I/Os from the PPI (82C55), multifunctional CPU internal PIOs, and TTL I/Os from the Dual UARTs.

Optional high efficient Switching Regulator (LM2575) provides an external control pin to shutdown 5V and enter A standby mode, waking-up on an active-low signal. The RL requires 8.5V to 12V DC power supply with default linear regulator, or up to 30V DC power input with switching regulator without generating excessive heat.

Two versions of RL are available: the RL80 is based on the 80 MHz R1100, and RL40 is based on 40 MHz Am186ER.

Other Controllers

The R-Drive has similar capabilities. It adds more analog I/O options, but also lacks some of the opto-coupler protected inputs. The Ethernet option on the RD is also inferior to that on the RL.

The Smart-TFT, whether configured with or without the LCD panel, can also be used as a similar industrial control board.

The Ethernet-Engine is a core board with basic digital I/O capabilities, along with a similar hardware 10/100-baseT TCP/IP module.

The A-Core86 is a simple, core module ideal for less demanding applications.

  • Measures 4.9×3.5 inches
  • 16-bit CPU (Am186ER), 40 MHz
  • 16-bit CPU (RDC1100), 80 Mhz
  • 35 solenoid driver
  • 20 opto-coupler inputs
  • Flexible hardware-configurable input logic
  • 20+ TTL I/Os.
  • 256 KW 16-bit Flash, 256 KW 16-bit SRAM optional, 512-byte EEPROM
  • battery, real-time clock.
  • 4 RS232, 1 RS232/RS485/RS422
  • PC-compatible FAT16 CompactFlash
  • 10/100-baseT Ethernet/TCP ‘I2CHIP’ Interface
  • Includes 80/40 MHz
  • 5 RS232
  • 3 timers
  • 256 KW Flash
  • 64 KW SRAM
  • watchdog timer
  • 512 byte EE
  • 3 timers
  • 20 TTL I/Os
  • 35 solenoid drivers
  • 20 opto-couplers.
  • Does not include add-on options
  • OEM option discounts available.
Quantity Price
1 $199
50 $169
100 $139
1,000 $79


Add-on Options:

No.Options Price
1SRAM: 256 KW $20
2Real-time clock and battery $20
3CompactFlash interface $20
4Switching regulator (SR) $20
5UART driver: RS485/RS422 $10/20
6i2chip TCP/Ethernet module $30

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