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The SmartLCD is a complete user interface that includes a graphic LCD, touch screen, CCFL backlighting, LCD controller (SED1335), and a C/C++ programmable controller (Am188ES-compatible processor).

The on-board power supplies support a 5V switching regulator, -24V, programmable contrast voltage, and CCFL.

The SmartLCD supports up to 512 KB ROM/Flash, 512 KB battery-backed SRAM, 512-byte serial EEPROM, real-time clock (RTC72423), three timers, watchdog, and up to three serial ports (RS-232/485). Three PPIs (82C55) provide 72 TTL I/Os in addition to the 32 multifunctional I/O pins from the CPU.

The 12-bit ADC has 11 inputs (0-5V, 10 kHz). Up to four 12-bit DAC (two are optional) provide 0-4.095V analog outputs. The SL uses ADC to monitor the power input, DAC to adjust the LCD contrast, and a solenoid driver to control the CCFL backlighting.

sl-newThe seven solenoid drivers are capable of sinking 350 mA at 50V. Up to two MemCards can be installed, each supporting up to to 220 MB PCMCIA mass data storage.
The SED1335 supports various types of 1/4 VGA LCD modules. The SL PCB can be mounted on the back of the LCD via mounting holes.

Various TERN controllers can also be configured to easily interface character and smaller graphic LCDs. Please be sure to inquire if such an option is available for the controller you are interested in.
An aluminum bezel mounting for the SL, as shown, is also available.
A more advanced version of this controller, complete with a color LCD interface, compact-flash adapter, and much more is also available.

  • Measures 6.4×4.7×1.3 inches (controller 0.7, LCD 0.5 inches thick)
  • 16-bit CPU (Am188ES), x86 compatible
  • 40 MHz system clock
  • 50 mA standby, 260 mA w/ backlight (12V)
  • Up to 512 KB Flash/EPROM
  • Up to 512 KB battery-backed SRAM
  • 72+ TTL I/Os, plus 7 solenoid drivers
  • 512 bytes serial EEPROM
  • interrupts, timers/counters
  • Two RS232 serial ports, optional third RS485/RS232
  • Four channels 12-bit DAC, 0 to 4.095 V
  • Real time clock, battery
  • 20 ch. 12-bit ADC, up to 10 kHz sample rate (TLC2543)
  • On-board +5V regulator, RS232/485 driver
  • Dual MemCard support
  • 320×240 graphic LCD, SED1335
  • touch screen
  • CCFL (module size 167×109 mm; viewing area 121×91 mm)

Download programming guide

  • Includes 188-processor 40 MHz with 32 I/Os
  • 320×240 LCD
  • touch screen
  • CCFL
  • PPIs
  • SED1335
  • 11 ch. 12-bit ADC
  • 2 ch. DAC
  • 512KB SRAM
  • power supplies
  • Does not include add-on options
  • OEM option discounts available
  • $599



Add-on Options:

No.Options Price
1Debug ROM (AE_0_115) $30
2Real-time clock (72423) and battery $20
3UART (SCC2691)+driver (up to 2) a) RS-232/b) RS-485 $30
42 chips 12-bit DAC (LT1446) $40
510 ch. 12-bit ADC (TLC2543) $30
6Bezel + gasket $50

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