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The ACE is an 8-bit expansion card to add ADC, DAC, RS232/422, CompactFlash and Ethernet.

Up to 33 ADC inputs. two RS232 ports. two DAC analog outputs. an Ethernet Module, and a CompactFlash card adaptor can be installed.

The ACE is an 8-bit expansion card designed for TERN controllers to provide additional ADCs, DACs, RS232/422, CompactFlash and Ethernet.

Up to 3 ADC chips (P2543, 20KHZ, 12-bit, 0-5V) can be installed to provide a total of 33 ADC inputs with a precision 5V reference.

A Dual-UART chip (SC2692) provides two RS232 ports. One of the RS232 can be converted to RS422.

A 12-bit DAC chip can be installed (LTC1446) to provide two 12-bit analog outputs (0-4.095V).

An Fast Ethernet Module can be installed to provide 100M Base-T network connectivity. This Ethernet module has a hardware LSI TCP/IP stack. It implements TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP and ARP in hardware.

ACE allows access to mass storage CompactFlash cards. Users can easily add mass data storage to their embedded application. Complete C/C++ programmable software package includes compiler, remote debugger, samples, and file system libraries. Files on the CF can be easily accessed from a PC.

  • Measures 3.57 x 2.30 inches
  • Powered by regulated 5V DC, less than 200 mA
  • 33 ch. 12-bit ADC(0-5V, P2543)
  • 2 ch. 12-bit DAC(LT1446)
  • 100 M Ethernet with hardware TCP/IP stack
  • CompactFlash with FAT file system support
  • Two RS232, one can be RS422

Includes: 2 RS-232 ports.
Needs to be driven by a TERN controller, such as 586-Engine, or AE86, BBA.

Quantity Price

Add-on Options:

No.Options Price
112-bit ADC (P2543) up to 3 chips $20×3
2CompactFlash Interface $20
3100 BaseT hardware TCP/IP Ethernet $30
4Two ch. 12-bit DAC (LTC1446) $20
5RS422 transceiver replacing one RS232 $20
6Precision 5V Reference $15