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Each B48 supports up to 48 16-bit ¡À10V analog inputs, designed to survive in a rough industrial environment. Up to 200 kSPS.

b48s_ub1The B48 is an expansion board to add 16-bit Bipolar ADC inputs to TERN controllers. Up to 6 AD7606 or AD7607 ADC chips can be installed on the B48 board. The ADC(AD7606, 16-bit or AD7607, 14-bit) is a true bipolar, simultaneous sampling ADC which can accept 8 channels of true bipolar analog signals. The bipolar analog input range is software programmable to +-10V or +-5V.

Sharing with a single “Conversion Start” signal, all ADC inputs can be digitized simultaneously and each group of the 8 channel ADC data are holding in each ADC chip FIFO. The sampling throughput rates can be up to 200 kSPS for 8 analog inputs.

Each analog input contains second-order antialansing filter, sample-and-hold amplifier and clamp protection tolerant up to +-16.5V. With 1M ohm analog input impedance, a 7000V ESD rating, and sustaining up to +-10 mA input current, the analog inputs are designed to survive in a rough industrial environment.

Via a buffered 16-bit parallel bus interface, multiple B48 boards can be stacked. DMA operation can transfer ADC data into the host controller RAM or CompactFlash cards with low software overhead. The B48 interfaces to a TERN controller via single J1 header(20×2), or J1+J2 headers.

The B48 can be configured to be installed on the top, or the bottom of a TERN controller via J1&J2.

Multiple B48 stack needs “Pass Through” connectors on J1 and J2.


  • 3.6 x 2.3 x 1 inches, 100 mA at 5V
  • Mass 16-bit ADC expansion for TERN controllers
  • Up to 48 analog inputs(6 AD7606 chips) per B48 board
  • Over 1000 analog inputs possible with Stack of B48 boards
  • Bipolar (+-10V or +-5V), Simultaneous Sampling ADC inputs
  • Designed for rough industrial application with clamp protection
  • Clamp protection with 1M ohm analog input impedance
  • Sampling rates up to 200 kSPS for every 8 inputs

NOT including add-on options. OEM option discounts available.

Quantity Price

Add-on Options:

No.Options Price
18 ch. 16-bit ADC (AD7606) up to 6 $50×6
28 ch. 14-bit ADC (AD7607) up to 6 $40×6
3J1 and J2 headers(top; bottom or pass through) Call