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Independent 24 16-bits counter.

The W40 or W20 is a low cost Pin-Screw terminal adaptor.
W40 converts standard 0.1 in lead spacing 20×2 pin headers to 40 screw terminals for easy field wiring. W20 has 20 screw terminals and 20 pins. The W40P has a 20×2 pin-header for using a flat ribbon cable.

The W40S has a 20×2 socket for mounting on top of pin-headers.

  • 3.6 x 2.3 x 0.3 in, interfaces to TERN Engine controllers.
  • 24 independent 16-bit hardware counters.
  • Daisy chain to form a 16×24-bit long counter
  • Software programmable in 6 modes.
  • All counter inputs are buffered with Schmitt-triggers.
  • High speed external event counters, up to 10MHz clock inputs.
  • Programmable square wave, or complex wave form generator.
  • Software re-triggered counting sequence.
Item Price
C24 high speed 16-bit counters CALL
W40/20P (40/20 screw terminals to pin header) $20/10
W40/20S (40/20 screw terminals to socket) $20/10
Cable DB9-IDE10 serial cable (DEBUG Cable) $10
Wall Transformer (AC to DC 9V 500 mA) $15
16×2 character LCD 85×30 mm $40
20×4 character LCD 98×60 mm $360
ACTF Flash a) 128KB/b) 512KB $20
VE232 $49
Ejecting Mechanism $10