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The GR16 is an inexpensive, ultra high speed (up to 10 MHz) analog signal digitizer, designed to be driven by a host TERN 16 bit controller. The GR16 supports a 16-bit Delta-Sigma ADC.

With its outstanding high-speed performance, it is well-suited for demanding applications in data acquisition, scientific instruments, test equipment and communications.

  • 2.3 x 3.6 x 0.5 inches
  • 200 mA at 5V DC power
  • High-Speed Delta-Sigma ADC (ADS1610)
  • User Programmable Sample Rate, up to 10M SPS
  • On-Chip Digital Filter Simplifes Anti-Alias
  • User confgurable FIFO data size, up to 4MB.
  • Stackable multi units sharing Sync, and Trigger.
  • On-board oscillator or external host clock.
  • Driven be 16-bit TERN controllers
  • Support ADC read, ADC-FIFO, FIFO-read modes


  • ADS1610,
  • 512KB 55ns FIFO SRAM,
  • NOT including add-on options available; OEM discount available
Quantity Price


Add-on Options:

No.Options Price
11.55 ns RAM (5 million sps) up to 8 chips $10 each
22.45 ns RAM (10 million sps) up to 8 chips $20 each