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The Kpad is a low cost user interface ideal for simple operator display applications.

Measuring 5.2 x 2.5″, the Kpad supports a 16×2 line character-type LCD, 16 keys, and a blue plastic overlay. User definable 8×2 key layout paper can be customized and inserted underneath the blue plastic overlay. Software sample programs are available demonstrating how the unit is programmed in C/C++.

The Kpad is available in two variants, making it available to a wider array of TERN controllers. The Kpad-IO version is driven by 15 programmable TTL I/O pins (and also + 5V and GND signals).

This makes it compatible with essentially any TERN controller with simple wiring between the unit and the controller.

The Kpad-Bus version makes any custom wiring unnecessary. For TERN controllers with an accessible 20×2 J1 header (check with us if you’re not sure), the Kpad-Bus can be connected directly via the attached socket.

A simple flat-ribbon cable can also be used to connect the unit. Smaller boards like the A-Core can even be directly soldered onto the back of the Kpad-Bus.

  • Measures 5.2×2.5 inches
  • 16×2 line character-type LCD
  • 8×2 keys
  • Blue plastic overlay
  • User-definable key layout paper.
  • Easy bus-interface integrates with most TERN controllers.

Similar expansion boards: MiniDrive
Supported controllers: i386-Engine/IE-P, A-Engine/AE-P, R-Engine, FlashCore-B, A-Engine86/AE86-P, V25-Engine-LM, A104, Birdbox-A, I-Drive, 586-Engine, TD86, 586-Engine/IE-P


  • Includes 16×2 LCD
  • 8×2 keys
  • Interfaces requires wiring to 15 TTL I/O lines (6 if just using LCD, 10 if just using keypad) 5V and GND.

Kpad-Bus: CALL

  • ¬†Includes 16×2 LCD
  • 8×2 keys
  • 20×2 J1 socket. Connects directly to host TERN controllers with compatible 20×2 J1 bus headers.

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